Refreshing Thinking

Hello and welcome! My name is Bryan Miller, and this is the online home of my marketing and fundraising consultancy Strategy Refresh.

After 20 years in marketing and fundraising, including many years as an agency Planning Director and then heading-up the Strategy & Consumer Insight Team at Cancer Research UK, I launched Strategy Refresh back in 2009 to help charities and other nonprofits take a really fresh approach to their marketing and fundraising.

All of my work is founded on my belief that the most important strategic resource any organisation has is its own marketing and fundraising staff.

This has led me to develop a unique approach to my consulting, through which I not only provide top quality strategic advice but also train, equip, and support client team members to drive forward what we develop together – thereby maximising the strategic benefit to their organisation.

I’m best known for helping charities and other nonprofits around the world make more effective use of digital engagement in support of their fundraising, campaigning, and communications objectives, but my work certainly isn’t all digital-focused.

You can read a little more about the projects I undertake here, and also see what some of my clients have said about our work together. For more information on my background and experience, you can find my LinkedIn profile here.

If you’re facing a tricky strategic challenge, or simply feel like your marketing or fundraising could do with some real refreshment, then I’d love to talk about how I can help. Just drop me a note using the contacts page.



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